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These are my wishes... however, I will consider any cel or production piece from a series I collect. My cels from The Last Unicorn are among my most valued posessions, and I promise them a good home. If you think you have something I would like, email me through the feedback section. Thanks!

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
The Last Unicorn
"Then the unicorns came out of the sea." It took me a long time to add this sequence to my wishlist. Ideally, I would like a high quality cel of a similar frame. Will Give Kidney
"We do not vanish." The unicorn, looking at her reflection in the forest pool. Will Give Kidney
"Well, hello there, little one! Hello there, my dear!" I would like to find cels from this scene where a farmer sees the unicorn, similar to this frame. Will Give Kidney
"Oh, you stayed. You stayed." I would love more cels of Molly's last embrace of the unicorn. FOUND! Will Give Kidney
I am specifically looking for key end-cels for this sequence, where Molly and the unicorn first meet. Will Give Kidney
I would love to find this matching cel to my original background. The unicorn, looking over a cliff-top as she embarks on her journey. Will Give Kidney
Molly and Schmendrick, looking on as the unicorn returns to her forest. Will Give Kidney
The unicorn, taking the last steps into her forest. I am looking for the identical cel, or something very similar, to this frame from the finale. Will Give Kidney
The unicorn's regretful expression, as she looks down at Prince Lir's lifeless body. I would love to find a cel with the matching effects layer. Will Give Kidney
Unico: In the Island of Magic
"Ah, you're right! Cheri! Wait, Cheri!" Unico, upon realizing that Cheri really does love him. Very High
"Ow! Cut it out, what's wrong with you?" Unico, being teased by a large baby demon. Very High
"Where Am I? How did I get here?" Unico's confused expression, upon his arrival to Melvin's forest. Very High
A proud transformed Unico, looking ahead. I am looking for any cel from this short sequence. Very High
I would like to find a nice portrait from Cheri's toy dance sequence, puppeteered by Kuruku. Very High
Unico transformed, protecting his friends from the rain during their long journey. Very High
Unico's journey to the end of the Earth is my favorite scene. I would love to find book cels with skyscapes. Very High
Unico: The Fantastic Adventures
"Long, long ago in a meadow far, far away..." I am looking for this matching background, to replace my custom. Very High
"Poor little one." I would like to find the matching Unico layer to my cel of West Wind from this scene. Very High
"We love you, oh Unico, we love you." I would love to find this book setup, which I believe contains a harmony layer. Very High
"What's the big idea?! I'm still alive!" Unico transformed, awakening Beezle by the magic of his horn. Very High
I am seeking this book setup of Chao's basket floating down the river, once owned by Nyankichi-san. Very High
Unico, Beezle, and Chao, escaping from the Duke's crumbling fortress. Of course, I would love to find a complete setup. Very High
Unico, desperately trying to defeat Duke Danshaku. I am looking for the matching background to my cel. Very High
Unico, standing in a wildflower field, regretful of turning human Chao back into a kitten. Very High

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