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The Last Unicorn: Butterfly

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This is a wonderful sequence of original genga of the butterfly in sequence numbered #67, of "The Last Unicorn". It is a short sequence of the butterfly singing deliriously to the unicorn, just before he warns her about the Red Bull. Though incredibly clean animation sketches, they also include field guides and the animator's key frame notations. The simplicity of the character animation in this film is probably best exemplified by rare sequences such as these.

 se# 67, A-1

 se# 67, A-2

 se# 67, A-3

 se# 67, A-4

 se# 67, A-5

 se# 67, A-6

 se# 67, A-7

 se# 67, A-8

 se# 67, A-9

 se# 67, A-10

 se# 67, A-11

 se# 67, A-12
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