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"Look in my eye."
Source: Movie
Layers: 4
No sketches available
Cel Number: A-11, B-11, 762
Standard size

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Added 8/17/2008
Updated 8/16/2020
"You'd be surprised at what I know and what I can reveal to you when you look in my eye. Very well, I will tell you the story of Kuruku..."

Unico, Cheri, and Marusu peer into the Trojan Horse's eye as he tells them the story of Kuruku's tragic past... such a beautiful setup. I was beside myself when it arrived to me. There are four layers altogether, one for each character and the horse's eye. Like Kuruku, the sea carried him to the edge of the world with the rest of humanity's unwanted things, and was brought to life by the power of sunlight. By looking into his eye, they learn how Kuruku came to be so hateful of mankind and how to prevent him from causing others harm.

On a special note, this is also my first cel of Sphinx's daughter, Marusu. This is easily one of the brightest gems in my Unico collection.

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