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Sea Prince and the Fire Child

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Syrius and Malta
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A-13
Oversize, 10.5W x 9H

Original Unmatching Background

Added 8/17/2008
Updated 8/16/2020
Syrius and Malta kiss in Malta's garden. It is a really sudden moment in the film, but a beautiful sequence nonetheless. Several years later after purchasing the cel, I managed to find an original background that closely resembles that of this scene. It captures a darkness that I felt was fitting for these tragic lovers. Backgrounds from this film are so rare. I was amazed when I found this.

Very nice sequence mates can be found at Welcome Consumer and Izobel’s Little Cel Gallerie. It was Izobel's cel that inspired me to begin collecting from this film.

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