Welcome to Unicorn Gallery! There is a good reason for the name. Like many young girls, I grew up fascinated with unicorns and girly animated stories. I am also an artist, so collecting cels felt like a natural thing to take up. It's hard to believe a few years have passed since I first began. I'm very proud of my collection, and hope you will enjoy looking at it.

- Caroline

News & Updates

5/29/2013Saying goodbye to collecting... Read my post here.
2/3/2010New cel added to Death Note: L Lawliet!
7/11/2009New section The Last Unicorn: Amalthea unveiled!
7/9/2009New cel added to Unico: In the Island of Magic!

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Title Last Updated
Death Note: L Lawliet 2/3/2010
Lady LovelyLocks 7/7/2007
My Little Pony 12/23/2003
Sea Prince and the Fire Child 8/17/2008
The Last Unicorn 5/25/2007
The Last Unicorn: Amalthea 7/11/2009
The Last Unicorn: Butterfly 10/31/2007
The Last Unicorn: Storyboards 8/20/2003
Unico: Black Cloud, White Feather 1/4/2006
Unico: In the Island of Magic 7/9/2009
Unico: Special Chapter 3/24/2007
Unico: The Fantastic Adventures 2/10/2009

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